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Requirements of a bank vs. Lontifex family requirements to give you a loan

Applying for a loan from the financial institution is not an insignificant decision. Before we lend, we must be very certain of what we do. Once we indication the contract, there is no returning: we will owe money towards the lender and we will have to come back it, along with their corresponding passions, during the agreed time.

Probably the most common doubts when asking for a loan is whether or not we are going to meet the requirements demanded with the financial institution. Will my payroll be enough? Will I need a good endorsement? Will they offer it to me if I curently have another loan with one more entity?

In this post we will try to answer these types of and many other questions and we will clarify what are the requirements that a financial institution asks you to grant a loan and what we inquire you in Lontifex household.


What requirements really does a bank ask you to offer you a loan?

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Whenever we go to a bank to ask for that loan, whatever the type, we must satisfy some conditions. These needs will vary depending on the type of mortgage (personal or mortgage), the amount and the repayment expression we agree on.

However , it is the bank that has the last word and who chooses the final conditions that each customer will demand. Each financial institution has its own risk plan and does so in its personal way, but in general, the most typical requirements requested by all of the entities are the following:

  1. Be of lawful age No financial institution will certainly grant a loan to a minimal.
  2. Not getting on a list of delinquents. Whenever we are on a list of delinquents, it really is almost certain that no financial institution will grant us the particular loan. They seek safety and will not find it within someone who has had trouble having to pay their debts in the past.
  3. Be solvent and also have stable income. The bank will simply lend us money in case you are sure that we can return this to you in the future. If we are usually solvent and our earnings is stable, we should not need too many problems.

In general, the ideal customer profile of any financial institution is that of a person associated with legal age, who has by no means been on a list of delinquents, without current debts (or at least not with as well many) and with stable earnings backed by an Indefinite agreement.

In most unsecured loans it is not necessary to have a guarantor. In these cases the guarantee is usually personal. On the contrary, if it is a home loan, in addition to a personal ensure there is a real guarantee. To put it differently, the property acts as a guarantee associated with payment (if you cannot spend the debt, the house will become the particular bank).


And what specifications do we ask a person in Lontifex family?

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As you know, at Lontifex loved ones we have a perfect online mortgage for you. Your first credit could be a maximum of 800 euros, in case you have already been our customer on another occasion we are able to lend you up to two, 500 euros, more than enough to cope with an emergency or, why not, purchase.

Our system is 100% online and that allows all of us to offer you some benefits over traditional banking. Such as:

  • We have been very fast. Making the ask for will not take you over 10 minutes and once we accept it you will receive the cash within 15 minutes and forty eight working hours.
  • Each month we will remind a person of your fee to pay so that you can plan ahead. You can make the particular payment by bank exchange, by card or throughout your customer area.
  • We are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Our own credits are the most versatile in the market: you pay it back within installments and you can postpone this for up to 30 days.

In Lontifex household we can offer you an online credit score without guarantees and without uncommon contracts, but for this we want you to meet a series of needs. They are not too many, but they are very important. We list them beneath:

  • Live in Spain.
  • End up being between 25 and seventy years old.
  • Publish in each application the particular DNI or NIE. A legitimate passport is also accepted.
  • Have a positive credit rating, that is, have no debts or even outstanding payments before.
  • Have an account amount that you own (so that this requested cash arrives) plus a mobile phone (to confirm the particular financial operation).
  • To be able to return the amount within the established time.
  • Complete the application form with the required information and documentation.

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